The SCoRCHeR FeST Story Premiere

The SCoRCHeR FeST Story

(not for the brain dead)

Travel with us on the first national SCoRCHeR FeST circuit, discovering great local and touring talent from all genres and backgrounds.

We expose you to many different angles regarding the live music industry, and contoversial political and social issues.

You'll also meet Grandma lipsmack, Brady who has nightmares, many of the acts, music industry practioners, a whole lot of Australia, and more.

The SCoRCHeR FeST Story will be launched at The Murcury Cinema Adelaide during the International F4 film festival, and at each SCoRCHeR from 4th March. Check it out!


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Play @ SCoRCHeR FeST - Apply Now

Play @ SCoRCHeR FeST - Apply Now


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