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Thank you for your interest in SCoRCHeR FeST. The new look, bigger festivals also generate more money for acts to be made from scratch.

As requested, the ticket price to see all the acts on the day has dropped to $10ea online.

People buying tickets online have the opportunity to select your act when they buy at and you make $7 every ticket. The sound engineer, door staff and venue expenses are provided. 

If this resonates with you/all members, we look forward to loading up your ticket availability. Be sure to hit APPLY at the end of this performer application, and we will be straight back to you.

Tickets & Act Payments.

I acknowledge that to be involved in the festival I need to sell 10 online tickets as a band (or 5 for soloists)  within 2 weeks of my application being confirmed by email. I will receive payment from these and any further tickets direct into my bank account within a week after the festival following replying to an email to receive this info.

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Play @ SCoRCHeR FeST - Apply Now

Play @ SCoRCHeR FeST - Apply Now


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